Re: ksyms for kgdb

Mike Kilburn (
Sun, 8 Oct 1995 13:21:14 +0200 (SAT)

> While I have a lot of respect for Linus, I think this attitude is
> insane. Debuggers are not a panacea for poor program design. But in
> the hands of a good programmer, a debugger can be an extremely
> powerful tool. As with all tools, a debugger is only as good as the
> person using it.

I agree with you on that point. No offense to Linus. But what I have
seen is some people get so dependent on debuggers and logic analyzers
their program designs start to get sloppy. Then, when they get a project
where the debugging tools are not available they cant cope with it. This
increases the cost of development because anytime you want to use a
different cpu or OS for something you have to provide the programmers with
all the debuging tools or they start whinging, even if it a simple one-off
project. As you said it depends on the person, but I wont hire someone that
cant work without a debugger. Reading the source to find is something every
programmer should be able to do.