new HP CD-Writer

Bruce Perens (
Sat, 7 Oct 95 22:37 PDT

I connected a HP SureStore CD-Writer 4020i to Linux this evening.
This is their new 4X-read 2X-write internal drive that is supposed
to have a street price around US$1100.

drivers/scsi/sr.c needed a slight hack because the drive reports a
sector size of 2340 bytes. I simply made it treat it as a
2048-byte-per-sector drive when 2340 is reported. The drive reads fine
once that change is made.

"cdwrite" doesn't presently drive it, and I'm booting Windows 3.1
(the only choice HP gives you for now) to write CDs. I'm attempting
to pry the SCSI command set details out of HP. I don't have an Orange
Book to refer to. I'd assume, given the price, that this drive doesn't
have much of a buffer, and may need some attention to the device driver
to assure the uninterrupted data stream that CD writers demand.

I'd like to hear from other Linux users who have purchased this drive.

Many Thanks

Bruce Perens

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