Re: Strange error message (1.3.31)

Craig Schlenter (
Sun, 8 Oct 1995 08:20:48 +0200 (SAT)

On Sat, 7 Oct 1995, Kayvan Sylvan wrote:

> I just upgraded from 1.2.9 to 1.3.31.
> Everything seems to be working fine, but I'm getting these messages:
> <6>Weird - unlocked, clean and not uptodate buffer on list 0 0b:00 32
> Anyone know what this is?

This happened for me for the first time around 1.3.18 or 1.3.19 I think.
Exactly the same message btw. It comes from fs/buffer.c I think but there
were no changes to this file when I checked the patches at the time. It
does not happen however when I put a CDROM in the drive (I auto-mount on
bootup). I have seen quite a few postings regarding this but no-one has
offered answers to:

1) Should I worry about this?
2) What do I do to fix it properly? (At the moment I don't auto-mount

I don't understand the buffer code well enough to track it down myself :-(
Anyone know the answers??


--Craig Schlenter