Re: kerneld with 1.3.29

Gerhard Sittig (
Wed, 27 Sep 1995 22:19:21 +0200 (GMT)

Hallo, Liam !

cited from Liam Hudson:
> Date: Wed, 27 Sep 1995 08:55:48 GMT
> From: Liam Hudson <>
> Subject: kerneld with 1.3.29
> Hi,
> I'm trying to compile my 1.3.29 kernel with
> module support (OK that's simple) but has anybody
> actually got the kerneld patches to the kernel to work??.

I felt kerneld is a VERY worthy expansion to the Linux
kernel but I had the same problems. Applying the kerneld
patch to 1.2.9 went fine, but 1.3.8+ failed due to some
sort of different directory structure. The network code
moved to somewhere else (ipv4, core (?)) and the like.
So I searched for the appropriate places and could apply
all the patches, but it failed to work. Compiling a
kernel was successful but the automatic load upon missing
devices and fs types didn't work (at least there was only
one try and the module got loaded, but there was no
chance to use them due do abortion with "no ...
supported"; this way I had to mount the CD three times:
to get the ISO fs and the sr_mod loaded and finally to
have a CD mounted -- *SIGH*). To get this part of
kerneld's functionality one might try the mod_req patches
from May this year (I didn't, don't know whether the same
problems will arise). And I understood the 1.3 support
in a slightly different way: They MIGHT make it into the
kernel one day. Since kerneld is a little more than just
loading modules (catch words like kernel functions in
user space processes and heading towards a micro kernel
architecture were mentioned) it's interesting to merge
that patch into the 1.3 branch. In case someone is
interested I could mail the changed places to apply the
patches to (sorry, I'm just sitting on a RS/6000 while
reading your mail with no Linux box in reach :-( ). If
someone already has the idea of what else places to look
at (seems the patches didn't cover all the hooks when
moved from 1.2 to 1.3) I would be happy to assist. It
would really be great to see kerneld in the official kernel

Virtually yours -- Gerhard

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