Re: kerneld with 1.3.29

Dan Merillat (
Wed, 27 Sep 1995 17:20:58 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 27 Sep 1995, Liam Hudson wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to compile my 1.3.29 kernel with module support (OK that's simple)
> but has anybody actually got the kerneld patches to the kernel to work??.

Yes, sort of. :)

> The module package I'm using is modules-1.2.8.tar.gz and it even has a special
> directory for a 1.3.* version of kerneld. The kerneld daemon compiles fine,
> its just the kernel patch which does not work.. I tried to patch manually but some
> of the 1.3.* kernel files are substantially different than what the patch thinks..

Very: some of the 1.3 subdirs are different then the 1.2 subdirs.
the modules-1.2.8 tree was made just at the time of the split, so it
handles that badly. They also append all their #includes at the end
of the header list in all the changed .c files: resulting in manual
repatching nearly every update. (I think I moved mine earlier, but
I don't have the patches handy right now.)

> Also, there were a number of really simplex typos in the modules-1.2.8 code
> itself (semi-colons missing etc..). Am I using the right version to use with
> the 1.3.* kernels???

Really? Mine compiled as-is, no changes required. (both a.out and ELF)

I've been manually installing the patches that were rejected up until
about 1.3.15 or so. The problem is a lot of kernel code has changed.
An example is this: When _ALL_ patches are applied correctly, the following
fails (sort of)

1.3.15ish kernel with kerneld patches and kerneld running

no modules loaded, msdosfs as a module.

mount a msdos partition fails due to not supported in kernel
try again within 1 min: works.

The reason is simple: The kernel code that handled stopping the
application while the module is being loaded no-longer works
the way kerneld thought it did. The module is loaded, but the
error has already occured. I decided that kerneld was not nessisary
and only have a clean tree. When I get my system up again (blew my
motherboard, ack!) I'll toss out the most recent patches I have.
(somewhere in the 1.3.1x range)

If someone with more free time (and a working system. :) wants to
try to re-integrate the patches, go ahead. But I would clear it
with Linus first, because the patches are going to be _VERY_ version
dependant, and you probably will want them in the standard kernel.

Dan Merillat <>