kerneld with 1.3.29

Liam Hudson (
Wed, 27 Sep 1995 08:55:48 GMT

I'm trying to compile my 1.3.29 kernel with module support (OK that's simple)
but has anybody actually got the kerneld patches to the kernel to work??.

The module package I'm using is modules-1.2.8.tar.gz and it even has a special
directory for a 1.3.* version of kerneld. The kerneld daemon compiles fine,
its just the kernel patch which does not work.. I tried to patch manually but some
of the 1.3.* kernel files are substantially different than what the patch thinks..

Also, there were a number of really simplex typos in the modules-1.2.8 code
itself (semi-colons missing etc..). Am I using the right version to use with
the 1.3.* kernels???


Liam Hudson

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