Re: AHA152x driver broken in 1.3.x

Steve Thompson (
Thu, 7 Sep 1995 14:46:17 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 7 Sep 1995, Eric Schenk wrote:

> Date: Thu, 7 Sep 1995 10:35:08 -0400
> From: Eric Schenk <>
> Steve Thompson <> writes:
> >I noticed this in the 1.3.3 kernel. Not being a guru by any stretch of
> >the imagination, I didn't mention it when I subscribed to this list.
> >
> >The problem seems to be that the IRQ that is autoprobed is incorrect. I
> >have my 1522s on IRQ12, and I found it necessary to specify the
> >parameters "aha152x=0x340,12" on the command line. It now is in my lilo
> >config, and when I compiled 1.3.20, I just copied it over to that lilo
> >entry rather than have to boot an extra time.
> Ahha! That solves it. Thanks. Do you want to report this to the list,
> or shall I? Best to get it fixed well before 1.4.x goes into release.

Consider it done. :)

A note to the list:

Is this something that others have had to do? I _think_ that the aha152x
driver is using the wrong interrupt, off by one, but I am not knowlegable
enough to discern this from the error messages...


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