cache, writing and floppies

Marty Leisner (
Thu, 7 Sep 1995 10:56:04 PDT

I have a problem that occurs occassionally and is very annoying...

I looked at the floppy driver code and saw there was too much
to quickly understand ;-)

1) when doing something like a tar -W (verify), the data comes
out the buffer cache instead of the actual device...Is there a way
not to use the buffer cache at all on the floppy drive (ideally, this
would be a mount option)

Which leads to:
It seems I'm occassionally writing bad sectors, but the tar
writes flawlessly -- it just can't read the data it wrote...

Format also fails after a while, and the floppy gets thrown in the

If we already have this feature, it isn't advertised anyplace...
If we don't, we should..

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