man pages
Tue, 25 Jul 1995 13:46:58 +0200

There's already somebody who maintains the man-pages package; I'm sure
if people sent him section 9 man pages he'd be willing to include
them. (I don't remember who it is though.)

Yes, your Chapter 9 pages are welcome.

However, so far, I see the man9/* collection as essentially worthless.
Very little is documented, so anybody who looks for information
will almost certainly look in vain.
The things that are documented are very local things, that everybody
could read easily by herself in the kernel source.
Some of these pages are rather old, and the information may no longer
[If the kernel source is clear, then no page is necessary. If the
kernel source is difficult to understand, then a clarifying sentence
or two (or an entire section, explaining setup and invariants)
in the source itself might be preferable.]

Nevertheless, if you spent time figuring out some aspect of the kernel
and think it would help people to see your write-up - your page
kernel_things.9 is very welcome.

Now that I am talking about man pages anyway:
1. man-pages-1.7 came out yesterday or the day before or so.
2. I wouldn't mind distributing man-pages-XX-m.n as well, with
XX in {de,dk,fr,nl,it,...}, keeping track of which versions
of what pages exist in various languages.

Andries -