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Tue, 25 Jul 1995 18:34:24 +0200

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you write:
>I have an error which is displayed everytime I reboot. It didn't happen
>until I got the new kernal and the new version of ppp:
>My computer is a 486 dx4-100 if this will help to diagnose the problem,
>though I don't really see how. So you can get any other information that
>might be necessary I have included the output from dmesg, which BTW shows
>the error which appears as follows:
>unregister_netdev: device 'ppp0' unlinked
>unregister_netdev: device 'ppp1' unlinked
>unregister_netdev: device 'ppp2' unlinked
>unregister_netdev: device 'ppp3' unlinked

This is NOT an error message, but a status display and is exactly what
should happen! The new PPP code does dynamic channel allocation and
needs to unregister the OLD-style ppp devices to do so.