[bug report] umsdos ruins ext2 file system

Andreas Helke (andreas@orion.mgen.uni-heidelberg.de)
7 Jul 95 10:04:43 GMT

I just remade a DOS partition into a ext2 file sytem. Since I forgot to
update the rc scripts, this partition was mounted as an umsdos file system.
This actually worked despite of the lack of a DOS FAT file system. First
suspicions came when df and du gave different answers about the contents of
this partition. Then I noticed that directory size was 8 KB and that file
names were truncated to 8 characters. Then I umounted the file system and
checked it with e2fsck. This program could not handle what if found and gave
up with a memory allocation error.
I think either mount or the kernel should check wether a DOS FAT file system
is present when mounting a partition as umsdos.