1.3.3 bug in sbpcd??

Bryan Schwab (schwabb@sunrise.cse.fau.edu)
Thu, 6 Jul 95 16:35:55 EDT

Hello all,

I finally got 1.3.3 to work on my machine thanks to all the suggestions
to edit my /etc/termcap file to linux.
I seem to have another problem though. I compiled the kernel using the exact
same driver for my cdrom /dev/sbpcd but in 1.3.3 it doesnt seem to read
data discs...only music ones.
Has anyone else come across or hear about this? I have the Creative Labs
CD rom that comes with the SB16...

Any info appreciated,

* Bryan Schwab *
* schwabb@sunrise.cse.fau.edu *
* Florida Atlantic University *