BUG FIX to procps-based psupdate: ELF-kernel-capable version.

Jeff Uphoff (juphoff@tarsier.cv.nrao.edu)
06 Jul 1995 18:25:54 GMT

I've found and fixed an /etc/psdatabase file-offset bug in my u1 version
of the ELF-kernel-capable procps-based 'psupdate', as well as added a
small sanity modification related to looking up the string table in ELF
kernel images.

I've also fixed the Makefile-based problem with 'killall' et al. not
picking up signals by name due to their having been moved to
<asm/signal.h>. Thanks to Clive Messer <clive@epos.demon.co.uk> for
pointing this out.

The new version is available at the same location as the old:

Chuck L. Blake (the procps maintainer) says that a 0.98 version of
procps will be released shortly (probably next weekend), and that it
will likely include my ELF-kernel patches (among others).


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