Re: /proc/ioports: no floppy; 4 channel IDE support; a couple of questions

Drew Eckhardt (
Thu, 06 Jul 1995 15:13:16 -0600

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>Q1) Under 1.2.10 whan I cat /proc/ioports I see all the i/o ports used by my
>hardware except the floppy disk drive. Why is that so?

Because the floppy disk driver doesn't tell the kernel it is using
those ports.

>Q2) Apparently there are standard addresses for 3rd & 4th IDE channels at
>168 and 1e8. Should another two major device numbers be added to support 4


>or do you feel four IDE devices is enough?

Heck no. I have five SCSI drives on my system, and see no reason I
shouldn't be able to have a similar number of IDE drives.