Re: Very simple patch for 'make zlilo'

Matthias Urlichs (
2 Jul 1995 12:13:00 +0200

In, article <Pine.3.89.9507010629.A7378-0100000@netcom2>,
Jim Lynch <> writes:
> As I recall, the reason for initially mounting the root filesystem read-only
> is so that fsck can check the root fs. My vote on this would be to go for the
> configuration option, and its default should be read-write, so as to try not
> to break existing /etc/rc.d files.
It's very easy to remount the root read-only if you need to fsck it:

# mount -n -o remount -r /

Since nothing should write to the root yet, this succeeds.

If it doesn't, you have worse problems than can be fixed by fsck. :-/

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