Re: Very simple patch for 'make zlilo'

Kai Henningsen (
02 Jul 1995 11:35:00 +0200 wrote on 01.07.95 in <Pine.3.89.9507010629.A7378-0100000@netcom2>:

> As I recall, the reason for initially mounting the root filesystem read-only
> is so that fsck can check the root fs. My vote on this would be to go for
> the configuration option, and its default should be read-write, so as to try
> not to break existing /etc/rc.d files.

Hmm. How many existing /etc/rc.d files rely on a r/w mount of root? I'd
guess it's a really, really low number; and it's really old installations
- as far as I know, no remotely current distribution does this. I'd guess
1% or less. Besides, all of these will have trouble with fsck'ing the root

On the other hand, lots of /etc/rc.d/ files rely on a r/o mount of root.
I'd say a default of r/o breaks a lot fewer systems than the current
situation does for systems relying on the flag in the kernel instead of

MfG Kai