Re: Error messages

Nick Holloway (
1 Jul 1995 10:33:34 +0100

Albert Cahalan <> writes:
> I think the problem is that messages have simple priority. It would
> be more useful to have a bitmask specify what goes to the console,
> the logfile, and /dev/null. Something like the following would allow
> 16 possible types of messages:
> console = 0x4675
> logfile = 0x22fe

While we are discussing kernel messages, it has occured to me that some
messages would be appropriate to send to the current tty. For example,
the familiar "NFS server xxx not responding". Also the processes that
cause kernel Oops!

I would think once it is decided a message should go to the current tty,
something along these lines would do:

if ( current->tty && current->tty->ldisc.num == N_TTY )
current->tty->driver.write( current->tty, 0, msg, strlen(msg) );

I think that if the tty is too full to output messages, then all that
will happen is that the message doesn't get shown, or truncated. Not the
end of the world.

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