Re: [TRIVIAL] kstrdup

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Sat Apr 19 2003 - 07:27:21 EST

On Sad, 2003-04-19 at 05:48, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> > Completely disagree. Write the most straightforward code possible,
> > and then if there proves to be a problem, optimize. Optimizations
> > where there's no actual performance problem should be left to the
> > compiler.
> Since the kernel does its own string ops, the compiler does not have
> enough information to deduce that further optimization is possible.
> > Case in point: gcc-3.2 on -O2 on Intel is one instruction longer for
> > your version.
> And? It's still slower.

You are arguing over a 1 instruction, probably sub 1 clock scheduling
matter on a call which is not used on any fast or common path. If you
shaved 1 clock off the timer handling instead you'd make a lot more

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