Re: 2.5.67-mm3: Bad: scheduling while atomic with IEEE1394 then hard freeze ( lockup on CPU0)

From: Dan Maas (
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 21:48:00 EST

> Since then, i only got these "reset storms" versions over versions.

Jim Radford's nodemgr back-off patch fixes the reset storms, for me at
least. (check the list archives, he posted it a few weeks ago).

It should definitely be applied, but I would hold off until we fix the
nodemgr crash bug, since Jim's patch masks (but does not eliminate) it.
I'd rather force people to deal with the nodemgr crash :)

(if nobody picks up the torch on nodemgr, I'll try myself in a few
days - I'm too busy now but boy I want it FIXED! :)

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