Re: Unable to boot a raw kernel image :??

From: DervishD (
Date: Sun Dec 08 2002 - 05:33:16 EST

    Hi Denis :)

> > After that, mkisofsing, toasting and booting. But now, depending
> > on the machine, ^^^^^^^^^
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Boot CD support is BIOS-dependent AFAIK. Maybe on those machines BIOS
> floppy emulation from CD is broken?

    Not at all. I can boot using isolinux (or syslinux), for example.
The failure happens in all machines I've tested, but depending on the
machine, the particular fail is one or another: some of them
generate 'invalid compressed format', others just hang, etc...

    But booting the same kernel using isolinux works :( That is, it
is not a mkisofs issue, nor a cdrecord issue, etc...

    Thanks for your answer, Denis :)
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