Unresolved symbols in 2.5.47

From: Christian Kurz (lk@getuid.de)
Date: Sun Dec 08 2002 - 04:28:23 EST


when trying to compile kernel 2.5.47 for my system, I included the hisax
driver as a module (hisax.o). At the end of building the kernel, I found
a lot of unresolved symbols making it impossible to use hisax as module.
I already contacted Karsten Keil and Kai Germaschweski (the ISDN
maintainers) about at least one failing symbol and it's also been
reported to this list in November before. But since I didn't found any
fix for them during a quick look at the kernel source at
linux.bkbits.net, I'll post the list of unresolved symbols here:

[salem:/usr/src]-16> nm /lib/modules/2.5.47/kernel/drivers/isdn/hisax/hisax.o|grep " U"
         U __check_region
         U __const_udelay
         U __kfree_skb
         U __release_region
         U __request_region
         U __this_module
         U __wake_up
         U _ctype
         U add_timer
         U alloc_skb
         U copy_to_user
         U cpu_raise_softirq
         U del_timer
         U free_irq
         U get_random_bytes
         U interruptible_sleep_on
         U ioport_resource
         U isapnp_present
         U jiffies
         U kfree
         U kmalloc
         U kstat__per_cpu
         U pci_bus_read_config_byte
         U pci_devices
         U pci_enable_device
         U pci_find_device
         U preempt_schedule
         U printk
         U register_isdn
         U request_irq
         U schedule_timeout
         U schedule_work
         U skb_clone
         U skb_over_panic
         U skb_under_panic
         U softnet_data
         U sprintf
         U try_inc_mod_count
         U vsprintf

I would appreciate if someone would be able to fix this, so that it's
possible to use kernel 2.5.47 (or maybe newer kernels) on systems
depending on ISDN for their internet connection.


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