Re: Unable to boot a raw kernel image :??

From: DervishD (
Date: Sun Dec 08 2002 - 05:36:03 EST

    Hi Edgar :)

> > Anyone knows what's happenning here?
> The long explanation: The BIOS allows bigger-than-track-size reads
> in El-Torito mode which confuses the probe routine which then assumes
> a 2.88MB disk when the BIOS is actually emulating a 1.44MB disk.
> In LBA mode that would be no problem but in CHS mode (which is used
> by the loader) it does not work.

    I've tried too with a home-made boot loader which works in LBA
mode (I use it in my system and works OK) using a no-emulation boot
CD, but then the kernel is not even loaded :(

    Thanks for the explanation :)) Why this did work on older kernels
but not on 2.4.x :????

    Anyway, I think I will use a patched version of Isolinux. Less
complications and more power than a raw disk image :(

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