Re: ReiserFS / 2.4.6 / Data Corruption

From: Joshua Schmidlkofer (
Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 09:18:12 EST

I've almost quit using reiser, because everytime I have a power outage, the
last 2 or three files that I've editted, even ones that I haven't touched in
a while, will usually be hopelessly corrupted. The '<file>~' that Emacs
makes is usually fine though. It seems to be that any open file is
in danger. I don't know if this is normal, or not, but I switched to XFS on
several machines. I have nothing against reiser. I assumed that these
problems were due to immaturity....

   One more thing - All my computers with Reiser as '/' on them had a
disturbingly long boot time. From the time when the Redhat startup scripts
began, it was.... hideously slow. I thought nothing of it, blaming bash,
etc, Until I switched to ext2 on all those. Now the boot time is... SUPER
fast. [3 Computers, 1 K6-2, a Pentium III, and a Pentium II, all 128+meg,
and IDE] I currently have 3 computers running reiserfs left, all are using
MySQL databases.
    Once, I lost power in on my SQL box, [it was blessedly during a
period of no use.] I had to rebuild all the indexes. Not only THAT, but
what happens to that box if I lose power whilst in the middle of operations?
I am working on the migration plan to move that to XFS because of these
concerns. [However, I am doing a better job of testing with XFS first.]

  I think that Reiser is cool, and has neat ideology, but I am un-nerved by
this behaviour.


> Yup. I know ext2 can do it. I expect a filesystem to not foul up my data
> when something happens. Especially not shuffle around sectors in several
> files. I can understand that the changes I made are not on disc, I can
> even understand it if my files are gone, but not when it corrupts my data.
> That just plain sucks.
> A friend of mine has had crashes as well (not reiser related btw), where
> files he was using at the time suddenly contained different pieces of
> different files. It's just plain annoying. The reason why *I* use(d)
> reiserfs was the fact that I thought that it would protect my data when
> something does crash. From my experience, it doesn't, and I'd rather wait
> a couple of minutes for ext2 to fsck than use reiserfs and be sure I can
> start all over again.
> Regards,
> Bas Vermeulen
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