Re: Graphical overview

From: Frank Fiene (
Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 08:37:31 EST

On Friday, 27. July 2001 14:52, Gordon Fraser wrote:
> Frank Fiene <> [010727 13:19] wrote:
> > Where can i find the graphical overview of the linux kernel
> > source tree? I saw a big jpg and a link to a homepage, but i lost
> > the informations.
> This is what you're looking for:

Thanks, Gordon and Jan-Benedict.

lgp version 2.4.0a works fine but the latest 2.5.1 does not. Compile
error is
data2ps.o: In function `d2p_draw_line':
/home/ffiene/docs/lgp-2.5.1/data2ps.c:180: undefined reference to
/home/ffiene/docs/lgp-2.5.1/data2ps.c:181: undefined reference to

The files data2ps.c in both versions have not man different lines of
code, so i didn't find the error.

Regards. Frank

Frank Fiene, SYNTAGS GmbH, Im Defdahl 5-10, D-44141 Dortmund, Germany
Security, Cryptography, Networks, Software Development
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