Re: Linx Kernel Source tree and metrics

From: Daniel Phillips (
Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 07:52:30 EST

On Friday 27 July 2001 10:58, Paul G. Allen wrote:
> For those interested, I have run the kernel (2.4.2-2) through a
> program and generated extensive HTML reports including call trees,
> function and data declarations, source code, and metrics. I plan to
> upgrade this to the latest kernel and keep it up to date (as much as
> possible :), but I am a) working with a kernel that I know currently
> runs on my dual Athlon, and b) wanted to test this out and run it by
> the two lists first.
> My bandwisth is currently limited (cable modem), but if it's decided
> that I'll keep this available, I will upload it to a web server with
> a couple T1's avalable (or maybe I will use one of our companies
> servers on a DS3 or greater).
> The URL is:
> If you have any connection problems (and there may be, since it's
> currently running on the same machine I'm using to develop with - the
> dual Athlon), suggestions (even if it's "hey, dork, it's already
> available at http://xxx.yyy"), or whatever, please let me know.

Nit 1: I'd prefer the following format for the data dictionary:

-m (Local Object)[xref]
- [wavelan_cs.c, 564]
+m [xref] [wavelan_cs.c, 564] (Local Object)

I.e., three times as many entries on the screen and with the
constant-width part aligned.

Nit 2: You can drop the "Report" from the name of every section, we
know it's a report.

I'm continuing to explore this wonderful resource. Do you intend to
GPL the source?

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