Re: linux kernel v2.4.0-test7 problems

From: Adam (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 23:09:41 EST

> > 1. When I compiled IPv6 INSIDE the kernel, the kernel crashes at startup.
> > Can you please send a ksymoops processed OOPS log of
> > the crash?
> > Without this information, the bug cannot be fixed.
> I'm experiencing the same thing. Problem is that the Oops occurs
> so early (right after the initial Net IPv6 message) that the Oops will
> have to be copied down by hand. I don't have a serial console.

I reported what I believe is the same problem to LKML twice recently for
2.4.0-test7-prexx kernels, complete with ksymoops decode.

It seems it went completely ignored though.

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