Re: power management and XFree86 4.01 (this has existed in X 4.0 with devel kernels for some time)

From: Erik Mouw (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 17:30:39 EST

Trever Adams wrote:
> I am running the glint driver and currently using 2.4.0-test7. If I leave the
> machine idle long enough for the ACPI to kick in and start shutting things down
> (monitor included), the machine hangs... at least to keyboard response
> (including SAK). I do not know about network life. I haven't tried, but I am
> assuming it is since SAK fails.

I've seen this kind of lockups with an IBM ThinkPad 600X. The problem
was that it has a broken BIOS e820 memory detection, so Linux took
the complete 192MB available. Unfortunately, the ACPI tables lived in
the last megabyte of memory, so as soon as the system got an ACPI
event, it locked. We solved it by using "mem=191M" on the command line
(instead of using all 192 MB).


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