power management and XFree86 4.01 (this has existed in X 4.0 with devel kernels for some time)

From: Trever Adams (trever_Adams@bigfoot.com)
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 16:18:07 EST

To whom it may concern:

        I have recently tried out RedHat beta 7.0. It reminded me, because it
installed XF86 4.01, of a bug I had forgotten to report. This bug I believe is
in the X server or the linux kernel. I do not know which. It only shows up
after X has been started, and I believe only when X is running.

        I am running the glint driver and currently using 2.4.0-test7. If I leave the
machine idle long enough for the ACPI to kick in and start shutting things down
(monitor included), the machine hangs... at least to keyboard response
(including SAK). I do not know about network life. I haven't tried, but I am
assuming it is since SAK fails.

        Again, Earlier XF86 works, 4.0 and 4.01 do not. This is present with all 2.3.x
and 2.4.0-test kernels I have tried (Which are about every second up until late
2.3.5x and above, the nearly all). I believe it is ACPI/APM related, but I
cannot say for sure. System is a RedHat 7.0 bet or RedHat 6.2 with all updates
(6.2 until the last two or three days).

        Permedia 2
        128 Meg of Ram
        2 WDC hard drives
        Trident based 4DWave sound card (DX I believe)
        Symbios SCSI (Diamond FirePort 40 (dual))
        Permedia 2 based LeadTek Winfast 2500 w/ 8meg
        Athlon (classic) 800Mhz with FIC SD/11 I believe.


http://vichu.innernet.org/XFree86.0.log (X log)
http://vichu.innernet.org/linux-config (Kernel Config)

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