Re: 2.2.14/APM: Thinkpad 560 can suspend/hibernate only once

From: David Hinds (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 15:32:22 EST

The 3c574_cs and 3c575_cb drivers both have full support for APM event
handling. It is not a 3Com problem. I also do not have any problems
suspending with either class of card on a Thinkpad 760EL or a 770ED.

On my 770, the laptop will not automatically suspend if a PCMCIA card
is powered up. But "apm -s" still works.

I think it is an APM issue on particular Thinkpads. The interactions
between APM and special devices like PCMCIA cards do not seem to be
particularly well defined in the APM standard.

-- Dave

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