Re: 2.2.14/APM: Thinkpad 560 can suspend/hibernate only once

From: Jes Sorensen (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 16:23:29 EST

>>>>> "David" == David Hinds <> writes:

David> The 3c574_cs and 3c575_cb drivers both have full support for
David> APM event handling. It is not a 3Com problem. I also do not
David> have any problems suspending with either class of card on a
David> Thinkpad 760EL or a 770ED.

Hmmm I don't see any references to APM handling in 3c574_cs.c, am I
looking the wrong place.

David> On my 770, the laptop will not automatically suspend if a
David> PCMCIA card is powered up. But "apm -s" still works.

David> I think it is an APM issue on particular Thinkpads. The
David> interactions between APM and special devices like PCMCIA cards
David> do not seem to be particularly well defined in the APM
David> standard.

Wouldn't be all the surprised, there are other things with the 600E
where it seems to react weird to some stuff.


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