Re: Floppy handling

From: Khimenko Victor (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 15:23:56 EST

In <> Jes Sorensen ( wrote:
>>>>>> "Khimenko" == Khimenko Victor <> writes:

JS> Khimenko> In <> Jes Sorensen
JS> Khimenko> ( wrote:
>>>>>>>> "Ron" == Ron Flory <> writes:

Ron>> Having said that, the Amiga had a very nice automount mechanism,
Ron>> but even there it was possible to remove a floppy before it was
Ron>> completely synched.

>>> Note that the Amiga also had hardware support for detecting disk
>>> inserts just like the Mac, something which the PC's don't have.

JS> Khimenko> No, no, no. It was discussed already. There were NO special
JS> Khimenko> hardware - just polling (JUST what you need to suck you
JS> Khimenko> notebook battery dry in record time).

JS> No, no, no. The Amiga uses a pin on the floppy connector that
JS> indicates disk change to generate an interrupt ..... next?

Next is that such "hardware support" exist in every modern PC today: such
pin is used by Linux and even MS DOS already (to discard cache contents
only when floppy was changed). But you need to poll it from time to time
since you can ask drive a question "was floppy changed" but you can not get
an interrupt when floppy is changed. So if we'll call THAT "hardware support"
then either it's not "like Mac" or it's not "something which the PC's don't
have" (I'm not know Mac internals good enough to say exactly).

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