From: Anthony Barbachan (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 13:40:32 EST

> >
> > Nothing at all. Especially with the newer boot loaders and BIOSes
> > that dont have the 1024 cylinder limit
> I'm not just talking about the 1024 cylinder limit. I also like to
> keep /boot normally unmounted: less likely to be screwed over.

I can see being even more screwed over by this. Especially if Joe Blow user
forgets to remount /boot before upgrading the kernel or reinstalling lilo.
Actually I can see a few pluses with having the kernel installed by default
right where it is now. The previously mentioned unmounted /boot partition.
/ always exists while /boot may not, which removes the need for checking
code as well as error recovery code in this area such as recreating /boot.
Consistancy, the kernel has been installing by default to / since ancient
"Linux" times.

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