Re: Linux job accounting (CSA)

From: Marlys Kohnke (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 13:42:43 EST

>1. Are you going to add project identifiers to allow for a project
> accounting system?

     The CSA records have a project id field for future use with a
project accounting system. Adding project accounting to the Linux
kernel isn't currently on our project feature list, but if there's enough
interest in this, it could happen.

>2. Have you considered CSA usage in a cluster environment?

     Yes, figuring out cluster accounting is at the top of the feature
list after we provide the base functionality. To prepare for that, CSA
makes use of the following:

1) job identifiers (jids) are unique across a cluster
2) CSA record field values are in machine independent units (i.e. clock
        ticks are converted to microseconds before being written
        into a CSA accounting record)
3) the record size is kept the same on 32 bit and 64 bit machines to
        ease later processing on a mixed cluster of machine types
4) there's a record header field of a magic number which indicates if
        the record was written on a big or little-endian system

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