Re: %eax %ax 2.2.15

From: Joe (
Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 09:50:40 EST

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz ,

> I was long time wondering if I should send it to lkml or not...
> Please forgive me...

and me.

> > I had no idea that .config files had gotten so large and the mail
> > client I am using does not show the size of attachments very clearly. Yes I
> > should have checked first, but I did not think anything of it. In my normal
> Ok, I understand.
> > day to day work transferring 5 or 10 megs through interoffice email is is
> > standard operating procedures. So a 12k attachment to me is a tiny file.
> > I was unaware that 12k was to large or an issue for the linux-kernel mailing
> > list.
> This is your point of view. Try to understand that l-k mailing list is
> international list. In some countries this is not standard operating
> procedure. In some countries most people connect to Internet by dial-up
> and pay high (!) phone bills. One of these countries is Poland.
> And remember that in these countries also may be some talented developers.

I did not know. In the US there are so many free things it is easy to forget.
Also working for such a large company we have so much it is easy to forget that
others are not as well off.

> It may have sounded rude, I *apologize*.

I appologize to you and this list if I have offended anyone.

> It is not intended to start flame war! I just wanted to show you that
> you are insonsistent. I said unpleasant thing once (and now I
> apologized) and I got three unpleasant things from you.
> Does netiquette only obligate others, not you?

try and remember that flame returns flame

Joe Acosta

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