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From: Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (
Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 07:44:33 EST

I was long time wondering if I should send it to lkml or not...
Please forgive me...

On Sat, 3 Jun 2000, Joe wrote:

> > > > Upgrade binutils to get rid of them.
> > >
> > > Wrong. The warnings are a feature of new binutils.
> >
> > And unfortunately removing the warnings in some cases means the code wont
> > actually even build with older binutils. So ignore them for now
> Thank You, also let me say thank you to all of those who gave me an
> answer rather than giving me grief for making a mistake in my initial post.
> I had no idea that .config files had gotten so large and the mail
> client I am using does not show the size of attachments very clearly. Yes I
> should have checked first, but I did not think anything of it. In my normal

Ok, I understand.

> day to day work transferring 5 or 10 megs through interoffice email is is
> standard operating procedures. So a 12k attachment to me is a tiny file.
> I was unaware that 12k was to large or an issue for the linux-kernel mailing
> list.

This is your point of view. Try to understand that l-k mailing list is
international list. In some countries this is not standard operating
procedure. In some countries most people connect to Internet by dial-up
and pay high (!) phone bills. One of these countries is Poland.
And remember that in these countries also may be some talented developers.

> I also had no idea that it went 3 times as I did a file exit and the
> program prompted me 3 times to send the mail, so I thought that it did not
> get sent. The program also did not exit. If someone had politely informed
> me that this occurred I would have apologized at the start, however the
> first 3 responded I got were rather flamish, unprofessional, rude and
> immature.

This is once again your point of wiev.
Try to understand what others think and feel.
I was a little bit angry seeing this question again. I have seen it
hundreds times before. That's why I pointed you to archives.

It may have sounded rude, I *apologize*.

Also notice that by saying that these answers were rude, immature etc.
you gain *nothing*, you are doing *exactly* what they (me included!)
have done! You are always trying to "win"? You haven't noticed that
your answers sounded *exactly* like these unprofessional emails?

Here is example - it is your response for my immature email:
 | > Not as bad as sending 3 copies of 34kB message instead of
 | > reading
 | > linux-kernel mail archives :|
 | I think that it is even worse to send a reply like this instead
 | of pointing me to where the answer is! I did look in the
 | archives for may and saw nothing. Searched Linux Doc project and
 | found howto's on assembly.
 | Let me just say thanks for nothing!

It is not intended to start flame war! I just wanted to show you that
you are insonsistent. I said unpleasant thing once (and now I
apologized) and I got three unpleasant things from you.
Does netiquette only obligate others, not you?

> The company I work for currently has a group that is testing Linux,
> FreeBSD, and Solaris as server operating systems. And NO we are not
> considering Windows NT as one of the companies that we just picked up has 8
> NT servers that they reboot daily. Needless to say we are converting to
> Solaris which we know is a proven platform and our software runs on this
> platform.
> Part of our company currently runs FreeBSD, some runs Linux and most of
> the other machines run Solaris.
> There has been much talk about converting some more of our systems to
> Linux. I have been asked on numerous occasions what I think. After
> receiving some of the responses that I received this past week, I question
> weather the Linux community is actually ready for large scale acceptance.
> If Linux continues to take on large scale acceptance, this and other list
> like this will continue to get stupid newbie questions, repeated mail cause
> a mail program does not act the way it is expected and posts that are to
> large, along with other problems like that. Why? Because you never know who
> is on the other end of the email. It could be any company investigating or
> involved with Linux. If you upset that person enough a driver or card spec
> or some other software, may not end up being released and you and the rest
> of the Linux community may suffer as a result. The worst thing that a
> person on this list can do is to flame someone else for making a mistake.

You really haven't seen flames in your life ;)
But yes it's true.

> What bothers me most is that some of those flamish responses had
> Linuxcare at the bottom of their email. This makes Linuxcare look line
> "Linux-don't-care". Weather or not they actually worked for Linuxcare is
> irrelevant it makes Linux as a community look bad.
> If you are going to spend the time to answer a post, at least answer the
> post positively and politely. Remember that netiquette is a 2 way street and
> there are human beings at the ends of these emails and people do make
> mistakes.

Also remember that human beings sometimes get angry and send impolite
emails. As you said people do make mistakes.


Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz <bkz>

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