Re: %eax %ax 2.2.15

From: Horst von Brand (
Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 15:20:17 EST

Joe <> said:


> I also had no idea that it went 3 times as I did a file exit and the
> program prompted me 3 times to send the mail, so I thought that it did not
> get sent. The program also did not exit. If someone had politely informed
> me that this occurred I would have apologized at the start, however the
> first 3 responded I got were rather flamish, unprofessional, rude and
> immature.

Each large enough community has its lunatics and flamethrowers. Just
multiply them by zero, as teenagers around here like to say.

> The company I work for currently has a group that is testing Linux,
> FreeBSD, and Solaris as server operating systems. And NO we are not
> considering Windows NT as one of the companies that we just picked up has 8
> NT servers that they reboot daily. Needless to say we are converting to
> Solaris which we know is a proven platform and our software runs on this
> platform.

I've been running several variants of Unix (AIX, Ultrix, SunOS, lately
Solaris) at work for a number of years. In my experience, Linux is the most
stable of the bunch, the easiest to handle and manage (I'm a Red Hat user
myself, but others shouldn't be too far. Somebody summed it up saying "New
Sun machine, first step is "GNU > /usr/local"), and by far the fastest to
get bug fixes to the street. OTOH, it is very popular, so crackers are hard
at work finding exploits too...

Base software of Linux is far more robust than commercial Unices in general
(check <>, the papers there are
well worth reading). Besides, Linux runs well on hardware that isn't up to
running Solaris 2.5 (and that is an old version, a true featherweight
compared with latest offerings!)

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