Re: %eax %ax 2.2.15

From: Joe (
Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 21:50:04 EST

> > > Upgrade binutils to get rid of them.
> >
> > Wrong. The warnings are a feature of new binutils.
> And unfortunately removing the warnings in some cases means the code wont
> actually even build with older binutils. So ignore them for now

     Thank You, also let me say thank you to all of those who gave me an
answer rather than giving me grief for making a mistake in my initial post.

     I had no idea that .config files had gotten so large and the mail
client I am using does not show the size of attachments very clearly. Yes I
should have checked first, but I did not think anything of it. In my normal
day to day work transferring 5 or 10 megs through interoffice email is is
standard operating procedures. So a 12k attachment to me is a tiny file.
I was unaware that 12k was to large or an issue for the linux-kernel mailing
     I also had no idea that it went 3 times as I did a file exit and the
program prompted me 3 times to send the mail, so I thought that it did not
get sent. The program also did not exit. If someone had politely informed
me that this occurred I would have apologized at the start, however the
first 3 responded I got were rather flamish, unprofessional, rude and

    The company I work for currently has a group that is testing Linux,
FreeBSD, and Solaris as server operating systems. And NO we are not
considering Windows NT as one of the companies that we just picked up has 8
NT servers that they reboot daily. Needless to say we are converting to
Solaris which we know is a proven platform and our software runs on this
    Part of our company currently runs FreeBSD, some runs Linux and most of
the other machines run Solaris.
    There has been much talk about converting some more of our systems to
Linux. I have been asked on numerous occasions what I think. After
receiving some of the responses that I received this past week, I question
weather the Linux community is actually ready for large scale acceptance.
If Linux continues to take on large scale acceptance, this and other list
like this will continue to get stupid newbie questions, repeated mail cause
a mail program does not act the way it is expected and posts that are to
large, along with other problems like that. Why? Because you never know who
is on the other end of the email. It could be any company investigating or
involved with Linux. If you upset that person enough a driver or card spec
or some other software, may not end up being released and you and the rest
of the Linux community may suffer as a result. The worst thing that a
person on this list can do is to flame someone else for making a mistake.
     What bothers me most is that some of those flamish responses had
Linuxcare at the bottom of their email. This makes Linuxcare look line
"Linux-don't-care". Weather or not they actually worked for Linuxcare is
irrelevant it makes Linux as a community look bad.
    If you are going to spend the time to answer a post, at least answer the
post positively and politely. Remember that netiquette is a 2 way street and
there are human beings at the ends of these emails and people do make

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