From: Joakim Recht (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 17:21:52 EST


I recently upgraded to a ABIT BP6 board with dual 466MHz celerons, and
after that I've experienced frequent freezes in 2.2.14 and 2.2.15. I'm
using ReiserFS on most of my partitions, but even though I don't mount
them, the computer freezes anyways.
There has been quite a lot of 'stuck on TLP IPI wait (CPU#0|1)'s, but
after patching the 2.2.14 kernel to 2.2.15pre19, most of them has
disappeared. This had no effect on the freezing, however, so I tried
replacing my (very) old ne2k compatible nic (using ne.o) with a newer
rtl8139 card, because I had noticed that sometimes the machine froze
when using the network.
And after doing that, I haven't had a single freeze, or any other
problem... Now I'm just courious if this is a known problem, or if it's
even caused by any of these things? Unfortunately I can't quite say if
the freezes started when I converted to ReiserFS or when I upgraded to a
dual processor system, as it happened almost at the same time.

Joakim Recht
Tlf. 20 85 54 77

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