Re: PC speaker driver

From: David Woodhouse (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 05:52:37 EST said:
> Documentation/devices.txt states:
> " 13 char PC speaker (OBSOLETE)

The original driver produced by Michael Beck used major 13. It was changed
some time ago to register with the modular sound system as Yet Another
Sound Card, and hence to be on major 14 with all the other sound card

> also
> "115 char Console driver speaker
> 0 = /dev/speaker Speaker device file

I've never actually heard of that one. Peter - where'd it come from?

> Is there any chance of geting PC speaker support into the stable
> kernel distribution? It appears to me that the number of PCs which
> have this feature warent it.

It's been submitted to Linus on a couple of occasions. There was never a
response, although rumour has it that he's not happy with the timer
handling - a cleaner way of obtaining the 8253 timer would be to shift the
system timer to use the RTC, making HZ a power of two in the process.

> Possibly the driver in the stable kernel should be stripped of the
> parallel port devices etc. which are rather less common.

I don't think that's a problem. Perhaps they should be made separately
configurable, though. said:
> In providing a place mark in the source tree, a driver working only
> with the standard hardware would in any case allow unofficial patches
> to remain useful for much longer than is the case at present

As far as I'm aware, the patch for 2.2 hasn't been broken for some time. I
haven't yet bothered to check it with 2.2.15. Someone ported it to 2.3 too
- I'm less sure of the status of that, but I really ought to pick it up and
start making sure it's OK.


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