PC speaker driver

From: Ian Carr-de Avelon (avelon@emit.pl)
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 07:07:18 EST

I have emailed the ALSA list and Red Hat sound list about this and received
no interest. Searching through the archives of this list, this is effectively
a FAQ, though there is no point including it in the FAQ until there is
an answer of course.

In the past I have found kernel patches to provide sound via the PC speaker,
but I can't find patches for the latest kernels. Documentation/devices.txt states:
" 13 char PC speaker (OBSOLETE)
                  0 = /dev/pcmixer Emulates /dev/mixer
                  1 = /dev/pcsp Emulates /dev/dsp (8-bit)
                  4 = /dev/pcaudio Emulates /dev/audio
                  5 = /dev/pcsp16 Emulates /dev/dsp (16-bit)

                The current PC speaker driver uses the Open Sound
                System interface, and these devices are obsolete."
"115 char Console driver speaker
                  0 = /dev/speaker Speaker device file

                Plays music using IBM BASIC style strings."

There then appears to be 3 possibilities: PC speaker, PC speaker via OSS
and speaker. Plus the possibility of including the PC speaker in ALSA.
Is there any chance of geting PC speaker support into the stable kernel
distribution? It appears to me that the number of PCs which have this
feature warent it. Possibly the driver in the stable kernel should be
stripped of the parallel port devices etc. which are rather less common.
In providing a place mark in the source tree, a driver working only with
the standard hardware would in any case allow unofficial patches to remain
useful for much longer than is the case at present.

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