Re: PC speaker driver

From: Benson Chow (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 10:15:41 EST

I'll show my support for this too.

I guess it's also these machines that get locked up in a closet that it's
fun to have something like this on when it doesn't deserve a real
soundcard (till I buy one... but this will save me some cash till then). I
also suppose pcsp will break on SMP boxes and I'll have to go to a real
sound card when this machine gets a second CPU.

Anyway I just was able to find the 2.2 patches. Applied them to 2.2.15,
but it failed on one hunk in joystick.c, but since I don't have a
joystick, I'm gonna go ahead and try to compile it. Will take a look with
the 2.2.13 kernel what's changed since then, seems some SMP-related
spinlock stuff got changed...


 On Tue, 9 May 2000, David Woodhouse wrote:

> said:
> > Documentation/devices.txt states:
> > " 13 char PC speaker (OBSOLETE)
> The original driver produced by Michael Beck used major 13. It was changed
> some time ago to register with the modular sound system as Yet Another
> Sound Card, and hence to be on major 14 with all the other sound card
> drivers.
> > also
> > "115 char Console driver speaker
> > 0 = /dev/speaker Speaker device file
> I've never actually heard of that one. Peter - where'd it come from?
> > Is there any chance of geting PC speaker support into the stable
> > kernel distribution? It appears to me that the number of PCs which
> > have this feature warent it.
> It's been submitted to Linus on a couple of occasions. There was never a
> response, although rumour has it that he's not happy with the timer
> handling - a cleaner way of obtaining the 8253 timer would be to shift the
> system timer to use the RTC, making HZ a power of two in the process.
> > Possibly the driver in the stable kernel should be stripped of the
> > parallel port devices etc. which are rather less common.
> I don't think that's a problem. Perhaps they should be made separately
> configurable, though.
> said:
> > In providing a place mark in the source tree, a driver working only
> > with the standard hardware would in any case allow unofficial patches
> > to remain useful for much longer than is the case at present
> As far as I'm aware, the patch for 2.2 hasn't been broken for some time. I
> haven't yet bothered to check it with 2.2.15. Someone ported it to 2.3 too
> - I'm less sure of the status of that, but I really ought to pick it up and
> start making sure it's OK.
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