Re: devfs persistence

From: Michael Marxmeier (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 17:34:48 EST

Brian Kress wrote:
> LVM has to run a userspace program vgscan to load the location
> of the lvm partitions into kernelspace. It does this by scanning
> EVERY device in /dev for an LVM signature. While I really like LVM,
Nope. Only block devices.

> this part strikes me as rather unclean. Devfs does help with this
> a bit, since then at least its not scanning non-existant devices. An

/proc/partitions is used. So again only known block devices are
And this needs to be done in order to detect pv signature and
construct the volume groups.

> MD style kernel-based autodetect for LVM would be really nice, but I
> think Heinz is really busy (since LVM 0.8 for 2.2.x still hasn't
> shown up).

IMHO there is no need to rush and bloat the kernel.
It is not too hard to place vgscan/vgchange in the kernel but
there are other options (like a temporary root block device)
which should be considered.
IMHO the initrd aproach should work reasonable for now.


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