[Re: kernel debugger]

From: George Anzinger (george@pioneer.net)
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 04:22:40 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:
> George Anzinger wrote:
> >
> > sat wrote:
> > >
> > > Thanks George,
> > > The version of kdb is kdb-v0.6-2.2.13 which is for the 2.2.13 kernel I believe.
> > > It worked after fiddling with the patch file a little bit.
> > > But I was just wondering how come the patches are for only some specific kernels
> > > like 2.2.13 or 2.3.48?
> >
> > Good question. Actually what the patch does is usually the same. What
> > is patched may be at a different place from release to release so
> > patches themselves are pined to a release, just so they go to the right
> > line of code. This is why it would be _nice_ to get the whole kgdb
> > thing into the source tree and out of the patch areana once and for all.
> >
> Guys,
> I agree with you, but you're pissin in the wind, I'm afraid. Linus
> doesn't like debuggers :-(
> http://kt.linuxcare.com/kernel-traffic/kt20000327_60.epl#8

Noted. Now I have a problem with debuggers also. It is more like the
metering problem however. No matter how sensitive your meter, it will
disturb the thing being metered. On the other hand, most electronics
would not have been built with out them. Same is true of OS software.
The real question is does he want to make it easy to contribute to the
kernel or is it supposed to be a closed club?


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