Re: [Re: kernel debugger]

From: Amit S. Kale (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 09:44:52 EST

> Noted. Now I have a problem with debuggers also. It is more like the
> metering problem however. No matter how sensitive your meter, it will
> disturb the thing being metered. On the other hand, most electronics
> would not have been built with out them. Same is true of OS software.
> The real question is does he want to make it easy to contribute to the
> kernel or is it supposed to be a closed club?

I think the problem is kgdb isn't yet stable ( read - work for everyone without
requiring to pull hair ) enough to be included in the kernel
The reason for that is kgdb isn't yet tried by many people. It will get stable
and better only when many people try it and give feedback.

I have started a sourceforge project yesterday for this purpose. I'll put my
version of kgdb there ( which incidentaly contains more features then other
versions available out there ) and request people to try and give me feedback.

I'll annouce it when I put the debugger in a decent shape there.

Amit Kale
Veritas Software ( )

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