Re: [RFC] Flat /lib/modules/`uname -r`

From: Jeff Garzik (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 23:34:45 EST

Keith Owens wrote:
> On Sat, 22 Apr 2000 15:35:40 +1000,
> Andrew Morton <> wrote:
> >I agree that putting the human-readable device identifier into the
> >driver's supported device table is 100% the best thing to do. And we
> >should do it right now, while it only requires modification to 25 files.
> >
> >So whose decision is it? Martin and Jeff?
> Probably. It is definitely worth adding human readable text to the
> pci device table.

The human readable device identifier is the module filename.. With
the pci.ids info elsewhere and such, I don't think any text needs to be
added to pci-device-id .


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