From: Vinodkumar Parasmal (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 23:42:02 EST

Hi all ,
 We have 2 Linux Machines (redhat 6.1 2.2.12-20) one development and
target m/c, connected back to back by a cross cable.
 we applied the patch from from kgdb and went step by step as explained.

 The "Readme" says that "after applying the patch, when u boot the
 target machine and pass "gdb" to the kernel, it should wait for gdb
connection via
 the serial connection from the remote machine"(development m/c )
.Accordingly it waits for connection .
Now what should be done on the development machine to enable the
gdb to connect to the remote machine

my lilo.conf for target machine looks like this

    append="gdb gdbttyS gdbbaud=38400

thanks in advance

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