Re: [linux-fbdev] Re: Linux console driver maintainer?

From: James Simmons (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 21:49:49 EST

On 28 Feb 2000 wrote:

> James A Simmons <> wrote:
> > Alan is talking about the version of KGI called evstack/GGI console.
> > [snip snip]
> Yep - that was my youthful excursion. My paper on it is at:
> It was a fun project, although it `did too much' by the
> end, and state management killed the event heirarchy tree.
> The output side, however, was pretty stable, and highly flexible.

We have alot to learn from this first attempt. The linux-consold project
has been approved by sourceforge. So in 24 hours it should be ready to
go. I setup a mailing list already but its pretty useless until DNS kicks
in. I will post to the list as soon as this is ready.

Codito, ergo sum - "I code, therefore I am"
James Simmons (o_
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