Re: Do not use stock RedHat 6.0 kernels with SMBFS!

From: Riley Williams (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 11:22:40 EST

Hi David.

>> I've just read through your description of the problem, and
>> if I'm understanding it correctly, then it's impossible to
>> set up SMBFS to work in a network where both Win95 and
>> Win98 are in use.

>> If so, this needs to be sorted out.

> Not true. You just need to turn off the Win95 workarounds
> in the kernel, and supply the options as needed to smbmount
> on a per-mount basis. Voila, you get the bug-fixes for
> Win95 mounts, and none for Win98/NT mounts.

Errr.....Now I'm totally confused...

>From the comments made earlier, I understood this bug affected
behaviour both when mounting a Win9x share from Linux and when
mounting a Linux Samba share from Win9x. However, your comment
appears to imply that it only affects the former ???

My query was relating specifically to the latter: How does one
export a Samba share from Linux in such a way that it can be
mounted simoultaneously by both Win95 and Win98 systems?

Best wishes from Riley.

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