Re: Linux console driver maintainer?

From: James A Simmons (
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 09:48:31 EST

On Thu, 24 Feb 2000, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> On Thu, 24 Feb 2000, James A Simmons wrote:
> >Linus orginally wrote it. It has been modified but it really hasn't
> >changed much. When 2.5.X comes out this will change. Several people will
> >be working on the new console system.
> Who? I'd like to see their code/ideas, etc.. Perhaps test out
> existing effort...

This is mostly the input side of it developed by Vojtech. I have been
working on the fbdev side. His patch has some multiheaded support to it.
After 2.4.X is out we will join forces to find a complete solution :)

> >Use the framebuffer console. It allows for such things. As for the issue
> >of VT switching this works but a better way to handle this is being worked
> >on.
> The fb console is very slow, at least for me, and it causes many
> apps on my system to not work anymore - like VMware,
> etc... There are other issues with it for me right now too.

The latency issue. The problem is alot of fbdev drivers do everything
pixel by pixel. This is very slow. I have been working on a patch that
makes a standard way for fbdev drivers to take advantage of the accel
engine to preform accel functions.

> I'd also like to have a separate scrollback buffer on each
> console, and perhaps be able to configure what consoles have
> scrollback, which don't and how big they are all at runtime, and
> independant of any textmode changes that occur during runtime.

We are aware that only one scrollback buffer exist for all fbdev drivers.
This does need to be fixed.

> I've looked at the code and vc_resize() in console.c appears to
> resize every single VC simultaneously. I'd like to make it not
> do that, but I assume it does for a good reason. Anyone care to
> explain why? If no great reason exists, I'd like to hack it up
> to work just for me... I don't want to shoot myself in the foot
> though in the mean time.

See other post.

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