Re: string-486.h?

From: Petko Manolov (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 02:58:19 EST

Brian Gerst wrote:
> The code in include/asm-i386/string-486.h has been disabled for quite a
> long time now. Is it truly dead and can be removed? What is broken
> with it?

The code in string-486.h has been disabled since its creation somewhere
at 2.0.x. But i used to use this code on all of my i[45]86 servers as
it appears to be slightly faster.
Old string-486.h couldn't be compiled with newer GCCs (2.95) and
i fixed some small bugs and change asm constrains. Kernels compiled
with gcc- and gcc-2.95.x worked for me without oopses or
crashes. Also 3DNow! optimizations were added where is reasonable.
So current state of the code is stable (until the opposite is proven),
but you should make some hacks by yourself to use the code.

Sadly, there was no interest about adding it in default kernel config
when i[45]86 CPUs are chosen.

I'll be very glat to hear any comments about the code.


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